Trump may revisit his policies in future: US representatives

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New Delhi, April 3 (IANS) US President Donald Trump may soften his position on some of his controversial policies with time, two visiting US politicians said on Monday.

“When you govern, you have to deal with people with different opinion. I am hopeful that this President will learn… ultimately, some of those positions may be softened,” Pamela J. Althoff, member of Illinois State Senate, said.

While speaking at a town hall on ‘Political Process in the US’ here, a question was put to Pamela Althoff on the recent shift in the US policies related to climate change and global and regional trade regimes.

On the controversial H-1B visa policy of the Trump administration, New Jersey state assembly man Raj Mukherji said: “A part of the problem with being elected on a campaign that spew xenophobia, whether or not that is the reason you are elected… if xenophobia was part of your platform, now you are stuck with having to do things that are consistent with that philosophy.”

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Pamela Althoff and Raj Mukherji responded to questions from a mix of students, academics and journalists at the event.

Talking about the job losses in the US, Mukherji said: “In America, one-tenth of those (jobs) were lost to overseas workers. Most of them you can attribute to technology or automation. I guess you can blame Indians for that because they are from technologically progressive country.”

“These jobs are not being lost to others, as the misconception would have you believe,” he added.

Talking of India-US relations, Mukherji said: “It is absolutely critical that bilateral relation must be strengthened.”

Mukherji, a Democrat who represents Hudson county, said: “I am hopeful as President Trump progresses into his term as President, he will listen to sound data and leaders… he will revisit his position.”

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Speaking on the phenomena that led to Narendra Modi becoming India’s Prime Minister and election of Trump as US President, Mukherji said: “I am uncomfortable comparing Modi to President Trump. Did media mistrust and the attention they got worked to their benefit?”

“I think, in case of Trump, it did,” he said.

On the role of US media in presidential elections, Althoff said: “One of the reasons why we have such huge political divide is because of the media. I think the media has great deal to do with how regular citizens view the political process as well as politicians who represent them.”



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