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Trustee apologizes for calling Brampton school “McCriminal”

Peel Trustee Will Davies has quickly learned that jokingly referring to McCrimmon Middle School as “McCriminal” can end up making him feel like a criminal.

Now members of the black community are demanding justice.

Will Davies who represents the school made the unfortunate reference during a private conversation with another school trustee who for some reason chose to go public.

“This is a nickname that has been used to refer to the school over the years, and although I never intended it as a racist comment, I have learned that the reference could be perceived as not only offensive, but racist,” read a statement issued by the beleaguered Will Davies.
Despite the apology, trustee David Green said October 11 he will proceed in filing a complaint to the integrity commissioner.

In an interview with a media outlet, trustee Kathy McDonald said back in April at a luncheon with another trustee, a superintendent and two associate directors is when Davies said his daughter attended McCriminal Middle School and chuckled.

McDonald found herself instantly outraged and perhaps there is a back story to the whole overblown issue, but she ended up naming Davies for using the name McCriminal.

Now it must be noted that the school in question has mostly black and brown students and it seems that a section of students and parents have pushed for more than a simple apology.

Is calling a school a nickname that it may have earned through the years racist just because there happen to be black and brown kids? What if the school was mostly white? For a trustee using that unfortunate term can be considered poor judgement but not racist, a lot like PM Trudeau’s choice of going black and brown face in earlier times. -CINEWS


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