TTC raises fares by 10¢

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TTC fares have increased once again, this time by 10 cents. Presto fares are now $3.20 for adults and $2.25 for seniors and youth.

Cash fares will still be $3.25 for adults but are up to $2.30 for seniors and youth.

Monthly passes are $4.85 pricier for adults, now costing $156.

Students and seniors will have to pay $5.70 extra for a monthly pass, with the price now at $128.15.

Children 12 years and are still able to ride for free.

This 10 cent fare hike is expected to generate $31.4 million in revenue.

The TTC board approved the changes in December as part of the 2020 budget. The hike was one of several proposals staff made in response to the “the fiscal and service challenges ahead.”

The last time fares increased was April 2019.

TTC is hoping to make service improvements with the revenue generated and also prepare for “future demands and new services like Line 5 Crosstown.

The budget also includes funding for 128,000 hours of new service and hiring 121 operators.

Meanwhile last month reports indicated that TTC lost $70 million as a result of fare evasion. There is no indication to suggest that the new fare hike will do anything to make evaders consider the error of their ways. In fact, this fare hike could be used to justify further fare evasion and don’t be surprised if next year’s fare evasion will erase the revenue expected to be generated through the 10 cent fare hike. -CINEWS

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