Tumblr Launches Tumblr TV to discover and GIFs

Washington, June 26 (ANI): Microblogging platform Tumblr has launched a new feature for user to discover and share GIFs called Tumblr TV

According to the Techcrunch.com, it is a combination of a search and viewing feature for GIFs, which helps user find GIFs on Tumblr and then view them in a full-screen mode. Also, it offers player controls like play, pause, forward and backward.

Tumblr TV is available to anyone, even to users who do not have a Tumblr account.

Tumblr on its homepage shows GIFs that are currently trending across the service.

User can reach Tumblr TV by first searching for a particular GIF or directly by the URL. Users will notice that a small ‘TV’ button is available above the search results. When user clicks this TV button, user is then taken to the Tumblr TV interface.

With Tumblr TV, GIFs are launched in full-screen mode. The GIFs play on timed loop, advancing user from one GIF to the next automatically. When user move their cursor over the Tumblr TV interface, they will see the source for the GIF, its tags, and the player controls, which allow user to cycle back or forward or pause the Tumblr TV experience to remain on the current GIF.

The company says that Tumblr TV represents a continued effort to expand access to one of Tumblr’s most popular feature, which is GIFs.

Tumblr TV is only available on the desktop web for now, but the company says it’s exploring ways to include mobile as part of the experience going forward. (ANI)

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