Tunneling is Brampton’s LRT option

Brampton, March 4 (CINEWS): Next week a report that will be discussed at the planning committee will mull over two tunnel options for a Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension north of Steeles Avenue, at a cost of either $410 million or $570 million depending on what council agrees on.

A possibility

A possibility

Last October, following months of acrimonous debate, council handed mayor Linda Jeffrey a crucial defeat after voting down a $1.6 billion surface alignment option (funded by the province) that would drive mass transit through the downtown to the GO rail station.
Jeffrey attempted to reverse a 10-1 decision of the previous council to eliminate a surface route on Main Street as an option.
Although widely supported, the surface route downtown was met with fierce opposition from area residents and politicians concerned about the city’s heritage district.
Council’s rejection of the proposal (by a vote of 6-5) sees the LRT now travelling along Hurontario Street, from Mississauga’s Port Credit to the Gateway Terminal in Brampton and no funding commitment from senior levels of government on options north of Steeles Avenue.
The March 7 document also asks council to set aside $2.5 million in the budget so staff can study each option.
Here are the two options to go before the planning committee:
The first option has a tunnel on Main Street from north of Elgin Drive to the Brampton GO station with three underground stations at Nanwood, Wellington and Brampton GO.
Option two is a tunnel on Main Street from north of Elgin Drive to the Brampton GO station with a surface stop at Elgin and underground station in downtown Brampton.
Option two is the cheaper alternative which might go down well with members, but is it the better one?

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