Turmoil in Bihar as Ajay Devgn waves and vanishes

Mumbai, October 15 (CINEWS): The drowsy little town of Biharsharif woke up on Tuesday to the news that Ajay Devgn would be coming to town to crusade for the Bharatiya Janta Party for the Bihar Assembly decisions.Ajay-Devgn

Much to their dismay that the day would be one loaded with turmoil and horde viciousness, as the star did not appear on time.

A nearby source says, “Ajay Devgn should touch base in Biharsharif at 10.30 am. He,  at last, appeared at 1 pm. By then the group had gone totally crazy, pelting stones, breaking seats and yelling mottos. The police needed to fall back on lathi-charge to suppress the horde.”

At last Devgn did appear in a chopper. Be that as it may, the best was yet to come. Clearly on being educated of the tumultuous circumstance, the Singham whiz essentially waved at the hopeful group beneath and took off.

Says the source, “The security bandobast had broken down totally. Ajay didn’t arrive in Biharsharif. He exited on his chopper without landing, not willing to take the danger of confronting the furious group.”

This was Devgn’s second prematurely ended the political rally in Bihar. Last Friday he needed to turn once more from another Bihar town, Lakhisarai, without tending to the eager group.

A source from the BJP gathering depicts Devgn’s Bihar experience as extremely tragic. “On the off chance that a star of Ajay Devgn’s stature was to crusade it was the nearby organization’s obligation to guarantee his security. Tsk-tsk, everybody in Bihar was excessively caught up with playing legislative issues, making it impossible to think about the hotshot’s security. One can’t point the finger at him for escaping the scene.”

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