TV offers space for actresses irrespective of age: Shabana

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Shabana  will be seen in popular “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”.

Actress Shabana Azmi says she decided to be a part of a popular TV show because today television is offering a variety of roles to actress irrespective of age.

She will be seen as Zeenat in popular “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”.

“It’s a really good time not only for me but for Indian cinema too. In today’s time, all types of films are being made – like mainstream cinema, middle of the road cinema and art house cinema,” Shabana said on the set of the Zee TV show.

“Before this show, I was shooting in Chicago for an American production. The world has opened up for actors, who are getting all types of roles,” said the actress who believes that as a medium, television is evolving.

“The biggest change is that if you look 15 years back, a woman’s career used to end after the age of 30. Then she could only become a sister-in-law or a mother.

“But now women are getting variety of roles. I have recently tried comedy. It’s a good time for me to be here. Right now I am doing an English film, an American film and also I have recorded two songs for Aparna Sen’s film ‘Sonata’,” Shabana added.

In a career spanning over four decades, Shabana has proved her mettle in the entertainment industry by her versatile acting in films like “Ankur”, “Artha, “Khandhar”, “Paar” and “Godmother”.

Shabana will take over the reins from actress Urvashi Sharma, after the show will take a 15 year leap on Saturday. “Right now it’s a busy time for me. I became a part of ‘Amma’ because of Aasif Sheikh. This role allowed me to do something. Television, which is currently witnessing a change, is tomorrow’s medium,” said Shabana, who was earlier seen on TV in a cameo in Anil Kapoor’s “24”.

“In America, if we see the numbers of shows being made and the scale of those shows, then you can see a big revolution in the TV medium, where it is going to take over completely. That’s why I did this show,” she added.

The story of the show chronicles the journey of an ordinary mother, Zeenat, deserted by her husband during Partition, the harsh challenges that she faces thereafter and her resilient bounce-back to emerging as a beacon of hope and leader for the masses.

Talking about her character, Shabana shared: “Zeenat is a villain for some people and heroine for others. It’s a Robinhood kind of character, who takes from rich and gives it to the poor.”

Married to veteran writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar, Shabana feels it is important for actors to explore every medium”.

“I have done films and theatre. But TV is something I am doing first time as in lead. It’s an important phase in my life,” she said. – CINEWS

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