Twice as nice for Tisca Chopra in the cinema world

Mumbai, November 25 (CINEWS):Versatile on-screen character Tisca Chopra has what just a couple of performing artists can gloat of in the cinema world, two discharges around the same time!Tisca-Chopra_2

Two movies featuring Tisca, Ghayal Once Again and LoveShuda are discharging on fifteenth January one year from now. Also, interestingly both the movies have a place with two unique types by and large.

While Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again is a bad-to-the-bone activity show, LoveShuda is a sentimental musical. Keeping in mind the business is buzzing about the conflict, wonder what Tisca needs to say in regards to it and which one will she be pulling for additional. Whenever reached, the on-screen character however uncovers that it’s hard for her to pick one over another, “Yes, it’s uncommon for performers to have two discharges around the same time, and it’s energizing and intriguing. But on the other hand it’s similar to sitting tight for two results,” she chuckles.

On a genuine note she includes, “As a performer, you give each shot your best regardless of what film and what sort. Discharge dates are in any case not our call, so whether it is one film or two movies on the same date, the desires are the same that the film wells and your execution is welcomed. What’s more, here since both the movies are so unique in relation to one another, I trust they both do truly well.”

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