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Twitter abuzz with posts of vanishing ‘indelible ink’

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Many people on Thursday during the first phase of polling claimed that the “indelible” ink applied to mark the index finger of the voter immediately after casting vote could be removed just by applying some chemical remover on it.

After two reporters from News18 demonstrated on TV how the indelible stain on their index fingers disappeared soon after applying some nail polish remover on them, a lookup of Twitter showed that many other people also shared similar experiences on the micro-blogging site.

The revelation could have far-reaching implications as the “indelible” ink is meant to ensure that a voter can vote only once.

Ritu Kapur, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Quint, tweeted photographs of her finger before and after applying nail polish remover on the ink mark on it. The image taken after the application of the solution showed a stainless finger.

“I voted. I got inked. I did not believe the people who said that indelible ink is washing off. So I tried nail polish remover — and magic — the mark is gone @SpokespersonECI. What’s ECI’s response,” Kapur wrote in the tweet.

Posting similar images, Pranav Reddy Kandadi tweeted: “Tried to wash off the ink 10 mins after voting and I was able to.. It’s a chance for ppl with multiple voter cards (yes they exist) to vote again.. Unfair elections… @PMOIndia #ElectionCommissionOfIndia.”

Another Twitter user who goes by the name DeshBhakt Priyank Mehta #RYP wrote: “Thats a big voting scam. Ink anyone can remove easily and vote as many times #electionScam #BanEvm #BanDigitalElections.”




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