Two arrested for attack on Sikh

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Quebec City, April 8 (CINEWS): Two men in Quebec City were arrested following a blatant racist assault on Supininder Khehra, a turbaned Sikh visiting from Toronto. One of the men faces charges of assaulting a citizen and threatening a police officer. Police said there may be additional charges laid.

Supininder Kehra is speaking out

The whole incident was recorded by Khehra’s friend and shown on CTV.
While Khehra and his friend were trying to flag a taxi in Quebec City during, a group of men in a parked car started taunting Khehra for wearing a turban. Khehra told CTV that though the men were yelling mostly in French, they also used some English words and pointed to his head.
Then the men came out of their car and punched Khehra who fell to the ground, resulting in his turban coming off. The cowards then ran away. But just as they were driving away, a police car passed by and the officers intervened.
A brave Khehra, who defended himself as best as he could, told CTV Toronto that though he was injured and suffered emotional trauma, he doesn’t fear the attackers. He added that he was still proud to live in Canada.
The World Sikh Organization put out a statement saying, “We are deeply concerned that Mr. Khehra may have been targeted due to his Sikh appearance. We will be following up with the authorities and Mr. Khehra to determine if this crime was instigated by hate. This incident comes to light on the first day of Sikh Heritage Month in Ontario. It reminds us as Canadians to continue to stand together against such acts, raise awareness about who Sikhs are, and celebrate the contribution Sikhs have made in Canada over the past 100 years.”

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