Two dead, one injured on set of Tom Cruise starrer ‘Mena’

Washington. D.C., Sept. 12 (ANI): After a small plane that was being used by the crew crashed on the set of Tom Cruise’s upcoming film ‘Mena,’ two people died and a third got seriously injured.

According to a source close to the production, neither the 53-year-old actor nor the film’s director Doug Liman was on the plane during the tragic incident, reports.

The insider further said that those died in a crash have been identified as American film pilot Alan David Purwin, and Colombian Carlos Berl.

However, the third passenger in the twin-engine Aerostar, who inflicted several injuries, has reportedly survived.

When the crash occurred, the plane was flying to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin. (ANI)

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