Two held for gang rape, blackmail

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New Delhi, July 26 (IANS) Two men have been arrested on the charge of gang raping and blackmailing a young woman in east Delhi over a period of four years, police said on Thursday.

The woman, aged 24, complained at the Pandav Nagar police station on Wednesday against Faisal and Javed.

“Faisal, a neighbour, had invited the young woman to his house in Pandav Nagar to celebrate his birthday four years ago. After the guests left, both accused gang raped her and made a video clipping of the crime on a mobile phone,” a senior police officer said.

“They were blackmailing her ever since and raping her at different places, including at hotels, friends’ flats and guesthouses.”

“Her medical examination confirmed rape. Faisal and Javed, who were arrested on Wednesday from their homes, have been booked for gang rape, criminal conspiracy and blackmail,” the official added.



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  1. NOTHING will happen to the perpetrators of these types of heinous crimes in India unless the government starts ACTING on the court’s verdicts FAST, sets up numerous fast track courts and holds the police force accountable for inaction, so that would be perpetrators would have some fear of consequences.

    Unfortunately, the leader Modi, whose background is an uneducated, wife deserter chaiwallah, has NO spine to stand up and ACT as a leader. No one has ever told him that leadership requires COURAGE!!! It is a shame that the perpetrators of the brutal and shameful gang rape and the most heartless murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey on that chilly December night in Delhi in 2012 are STILL ALIVE in Modi’s India. I don’t see that situation ever changing. Once a beautiful and upcoming country of 350 million university graduates has now become the worst violator of human rights in the world where NO female is safe – from 3 months to 80 years! Modi would surely be genuinely proud of the fact that he has delivered on his election promise of ACHHEY DIN so fast to his gang-rapist and murderer vote Bank.