Two highway accidents involving trucks, one claims 4 lives

Toronto, October 9 (CINEWS): Ever so often there is an accident on the highway involving trucks. On Monday, a flatbed truck hauling a large piece of industrial equpment “resembling a crane, was too high to clear the bridge as it went down Hwy 410 and it failed to clear the bridge, resulting in a huge chunk of concrete to be ripped off the Clark Boulevard overpass.Truck crash
It disrupted traffic but mercifully the engineers checking its structural integrity found it to be okay.
The number of such accidents are leading some to believe that either the truck drivers aren’t being trained adequately since a lot of this has to do with basic judgement.
Last July, a dump truck slammed into the scaffolding on the Burlington Skyway and damaging the bridge quite significantly. The fiver Sukhvinder Singh Rai was charged with impaired driving.
In Whitby, last Friday at 10.30 pm the driver of a transport truck failed to slow down entering a construction zone and rammed into the vehicle in front of him. A domino effect followed with as many as 20 vehicles involved in the crash. That accident caused the deaths of four people including two brothers aged 10 and 12.
Drivers should try to be more aware when around large trucks, try not to drive in their blind spots and keep a safe distance from them. If possible, get out of their way.

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