Two ‘immigration consultant’ frauds held in Montreal

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This week Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that Rajinder Singh and Resham Singh, acting as immigration consultants, were summoned to appear in court and are facing three charges under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and two charges under the Criminal Code.

Rajinder Singh was arrested and appeared on Tuesday morning at the Montreal court house, and Resham Singh received a summons to appear on June 9 at the same court house. Rajinder Singh and Resham Singh are accused of counselling persons to misrepresent information in their immigration applications and refugee protection claims, as well as forging and using counterfeit documents. They are also accused of having acted as immigration representatives in return for compensation, when in fact they were not authorized.

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Benoit Chiquette, Regional Director General, Quebec Region, CBSA, said: “The CBSA conducts investigations and prosecutes immigration offenders with the full force of the law. Immigration frauds are criminal acts. Do not be a victim of fraud. Dishonest consultants can take advantage of people who want to come to Canada, and they represent a serious threat to the integrity of Canada’s immigration system. This is why the CBSA acts to prosecute those responsible in the courts.”

The question really is, were these the only two Immigration Consultant frauds out there or are there so many more across this land dispensing advice to desperate wannabe permanent residents in return for cash?
In Quebec consulting services can only be carried out by three types of professionals:Lawyers, Notaries and Registered members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants who can speak French and have never violated Quebec immigration law.

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There is also an online database that lists all registered consultants as well as professionals whose right to practice has been revoked by the province. So anyone seeking immigration advice in Montreal or elsewhere in the country should verify the background of the Immigration Consultant because it could end badly. – CINEWS

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