Two men convicted of holding woman hostage in Malton home


Asogian Gunalingam and Jora Jassal were convicted of abducting a woman and holding her hostage in a Malton home for days, just over a year after a mistrial was declared in the case.
They were convicted by a jury of forcible confinement, kidnapping, extortion and assault charges stemming from the Nov. 11, 2011 incident. A third man Jaswinder Singh, was also charged but the jury acquitted him.
The woman who found herself hostage in the Malton house was a 41-year-old who was ambushed on Nov. 11, 2011 by men who knocked on her door, kidnapped her and kept her tied up in a Malton basement for more than two days. She was assaulted, starved and told to hand over more than $300,000 or she would either be killed or she would never see her daughter alive again.
The torture came to an end when one of the accused had a change of heart and called police.
The jury’s verdict comes about a year after what’s believed to be one of the largest costs awarded in a Canadian criminal court case which saw the Peel Crown Attorney’s office ordered to pay nearly $600,000 to the three accused men after a mistrial was declared and a new trial ordered by Superior Court Justice Antonio Skarica.

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