Two-thirds of Americans against Obama’s school bathroom edict

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Family Research Council Action (FRC Action) on July 12 released the results of a commissioned survey conducted by WPA Opinion Research showing that two-thirds (66%) of Americans disapprove of “government forcing schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations to open the showers, changing facilities, locker rooms, and bathrooms designated for women and girls, to biological males and vice versa.” Only 28 percent approved — with just 15 percent strongly approving.

Yesterday, the Republican Party’s platform committee gave overwhelming support to platform language opposing President Obama’s bathroom and locker room edict.

FRC Action President Tony Perkins, who is serving as a platform delegate from Louisiana, made the following comments in response to the survey:

“After nearly eight years of federal overreach, we are seeing the American people stand up to Barack Obama’seffort to fundamentally transform America.

“President Obama has ignored the repeatedly expressed concerns of parents and school officials over the privacy and safety of students. In the pursuit of his radical agenda, the President has trampled upon the boundaries of his constitutional power. If the White House can dictate the policies for every school locker room, shower, and bathroom in America, what could possibly be beyond its reach?

“I am pleased that the Republican Party is now on record standing with the 23 states that are suing President Obama over his bathroom and locker room edict,” concluded Perkins.

The Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research survey was commissioned by Family Research Council Action. To review the results of the WPA Opinion Research survey, click here: – USNewswire

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