U.S. giving away Internet control to other entitites – expert

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.-  At midnight on Sept. 30, the US federal government is giving up internet stewardship to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The internet will be governed by a “multi-stakeholder” model, including businesses, individuals, and foreign governments. According to internet expert Lee Romanov, this means China or Russia could control what you upload, and the information you search for. The big questions are, why is President Obama giving up internet control during this critical election period? Why are so many Americans unaware of this, and not allowed to weigh in on an issue that dramatically impacts their lives?

Romanov has run online businesses since 1994 and reports, “I’ve never seen this level of censorship online, except in China!” Because many election issues are not being reported by the mainstream media, the internet is where people go to for this information. Romanov reports “Online reporters are having their freedom of speech shut down through censorship by online news outlets and large content providers,” adding, “There’s no guarantee of online freedom of speech, privacy, or security written into this transfer.”

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Romanov pioneered the transparency of insurance rate online, saving drivers thousands of dollars. She spent years fighting the insurance industry on this, and fears similar consumer information will be the next thing deleted from the internet as companies begin a “Pay-to-Play” model with ICANN.

Invite this information expert to discuss:

  • Who’s behind this effort leading to more online censorship?
  • What online news censorship is YouTube doing?
  • How are cable news networks controlling the information Americans get?
  • What’s the Huffington Post done to delete news important to the election?
  • What role has Google played in this censorship?

Here’s a video of Ted Cruz urging Obama to STOP with his agenda of giving away the Internet on Sept. 30th, 2016: http://www.incomeactivator.com/48980/As-Of-Sept-30-Your-Freedom-Of-Speech-Online-Is-Gone.htm

CREDENTIALS:  Lee Romanov is the president of IncomeActivator.com. Her previous internet business was purchased by media giant Torstar. She had a TV talk show on CP 24, was a journalist for the Globe and Mail, and Toronto Star. She ran for mayor of Toronto in the last election, against Rob Ford, who denied smoking crack cocaine while in office; his drug use was later confirmed by a video uploaded online. She knows how important internet free speech is for politics and business. Romanov’s been featured on numerous media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, FOX, CTV, and radio stations internationally. –  USNewswire

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