Ubar driver dozes off, passenger drives himself home

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Gurgaon, May 21 (IANS) A 23-year-old financial analyst from Gurgaon, who had hired a Ubar cab past midnight, had to drive himself to home from Delhi, after the driver of the cab fell asleep behind the wheel.

Ishan Gill, a resident of Gurgaon’s DLF-2 area had hired the cab using the Uber app at 12.36 a.m. from Defence Colony in South Delhi to his home on May 15.

Gill said the driver looked half-asleep when he arrived to pick him up but he decided to get into the cab after the driver assured him he was fine.

At one point near Aurobindo Marg, the driver almost crashed the cab into a divider.

“There was water in the car and I offered it to him and asked what was wrong with him,” Gill said, adding, “the driver said that he was feeling unwell because of some pills he had taken to stay awake.”

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Gill, on May 16 uploaded a short video on social media showing the driver asleep even when Gill got off the cab and left a Rs.500 currency note on his lap.

Gill said, “The driver fell asleep on the wheel because he took “pills” to keep him up longer. I personally had to put him in the passenger seat and drive his car.”

On reaching his house, Gill said he tried to wake up the driver to pay him but failed.

He received a bill of Rs.427 for the ride and left Rs.500 in the driver’s pocket. He asked the security guard of his housing society to take care of the driver.

Later, Uber offered to reimburse Gill Rs.500 he had paid.



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