UK, India talk collaboration on climate resilient technologies

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New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave and United Kingdom Secretary of State for Business and Energy Greg Clark met here on Friday and discussed possible bilateral collaboration on key climate resilient technologies.

During the meeting, Dave emphasised the need for completing the pre-2020 actions. India has decided to ratify the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol (Doha Amendment).

So far, 75 countries have ratified the second commitment period. Both India and UK are parties to the Kyoto protocol but unlike the UK, India doesn’t have binding targets.

“During the meeting, Dave emphasised the collaboration between India and the United Kingdom at the sub-state level on climate resilience,” a Ministry statement said.

“The UK Secretary of State emphasised the possibility of future collaboration on tidal energy and technology issues.”

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The Minister also appreciated the United Kingdom role on climate change issues, as both nations shared the progress in bilateral cooperation on environmental issues.

On Wednesday, Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal told Parliament that while the Indian government is open to exploitation of tidal energy, the technology is still in the pre-research and developing stage and the cost is extremely high.

The per unit price from tidal energy can range from Rs 17 to Rs 36, while solar energy costs about Rs 3.30 per unit and wind energy costs about Rs 3.46 per unit.

According to the New and Renewable Energy Ministry, a potential 40,000 megawatt power from waves, 9,000 MW from tides and 180,000 MW from thermal gradients can be tapped.

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“Deployment is currently limited but the sector has the potential to grow, fuelling economic growth, reducing carbon footprint and creating jobs not only along the coasts but also inland along its supply chains,” says the Ministry.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, India and UK expressed the hope that their cooperation and exchange of experiences, knowledge and technologies will continue in future also.



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