UK’s Lord of House Deputy Speaker resigns over ‘drug allegations’

New York, July 27 (ANI): Lord John Buttifant Sewel, former Chairman of Committees of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, has reportedly resigned from his post as a deputy speaker after a video surfaced that allegedly showed him snorting cocaine in the company of prostitutes.

The footage, published by The Sun on Sunday, showed Sewel inhaling a line of white powder with a rolled-up five pound note, reported the CNN.

The edited video also includes snippets of conversation, allegedly carried out between Sewel and the female sex workers, in which he is heard making a thinly veiled reference to cocaine and derogatory remarks about women.

According to The Sun, the acts depicted in the video took place in Sewel’s London apartment near the UK Parliament in recent weeks.

A statement issued by Baroness D’Souza, the speaker of the House of Lords, termed the revelations ‘shocking and unacceptable’ and confirmed his resignation.

Sewel could also face a police probe over the scandal. (ANI)

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