UN condemns murder of Bangladeshi publisher

Dhaka, Nov. 1(ANI): The United Nations has condemned the killing of Bangladeshi publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan and asked the government to arrest the killers at the earliest.

The UN press statement stated that such killing should be condemned at all levels of political and religious leadership and steps should be taken in order to prevent further attacks, the Daily Star reported.

The UN also expressed deep concern over threat to free speech in the country and appealed to

the government to provide immediate protection to citizens who are at risk.

43-year old Dipan, the publisher of slain blogger Avijit Roy, was hacked to death in his office yesterday.

The forensic department stated that he was hit twice in the head and once on the neck with a machete.

The incident took place hours after another publisher Ahmedur Rashid Tutul and two bloggers Tareque Rahim and Ranadipam Basu were left injured after an attack. (ANI)

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