UNICEF concerned over quake-hit children in Afghan, Pak

Kabul, Oct. 29 (ANI): The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has expressed concern over children affected in Afghanistan and Pakistan following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on Monday.

UNICEF has warned that lives of quake- affected children are threatened by insecurity, improper living conditions and insufficient humanitarian aid, TOLONews reported.

UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia Karin Hulshof said that the organisation is extremely concerned over the safety and wellbeing of children, who after being affected by the quake are now in danger of succumbing to the elements as temperatures drop.

Accesses to remote areas have been difficult due to tough terrain and security operations.

The situation has become worse due to heavy rain and snow in remote, mountainous areas affected by the earthquake.

Even the World Health Organization expressed concern and stated that many people, especially the children in Afghanistan who are affected by the earthquake are in severe need of healthcare services.

Over 155 people have died in Afghanistan and 267 people in Pakistan due to the massive earthquake that struck major cities of the region on Monday. (ANI)

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