Uniform Civil Code is impractical in India, says Muslim cleric

New Delhi, Oct. 13 (ANI): Muslim cleric Abdul Hameed Nomani on Tuesday called the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) impractical in a country as diverse as India.

Nomani, who was reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision asking the Centre to come up with a swift decision on Uniform Civil Code to bring an end to the continuing confusion over personal laws, said the entire Muslim community is against the Uniform Civil Code.

“It is impractical. In a country like India where there is diversity of religion and class, Uniform Civil Code is unnatural here,” Nomani told ANI here.

“The biggest example is that the NDA Government whether Vajpayee’s or the present regime, they have never opened up about the code or explained what the code would be about. This is against the freedom of religion. This is related to the state government, which defies the Constitution which defines the Fundamental Rights of a citizen,” he added.

Nomani further said the feeling of nationality must be the same in the people of all religions.

“But if you try to bundle everyone together by law, it is not practical. The people, who want this, are those who are ignoring the diversity of the country,” he added. (ANI)

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