Urvashi Sharma gets gold jewellery made for TV show

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Mumbai, July 12 (IANS) Actress Urvashi Sharma, who has made her TV debut with “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma”, is getting gold jewellery made to wear for her TV show. She is happy with the new addition to her collection.

Urvashi was supposed to wear artificial jewellery to depict her journey across five decades in the Zee TV show. It was provided to her by the production house, but she was not comfortable wearing them as she is allergic to artificial jewellery and got rashes.

The actress then decided to get the ornaments made for herself in gold. She got around 14 bangles, five rings, four pairs of earrings and even neckpieces made after discussing with the creative team and all the expenses were borne by her, read a statement from the channel.

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Confirming the same, Urvashi said: “Yes, I am using my own gold jewellery as I am allergic to artificial jewellery. I get rashes all over my body if I wear artificial pieces. I didn’t want any hindrance in the shoot because of it so I decided to got all of them made on my own.”

She will get more made “with the gradual progression in the story”.

The finite series captures the journey of Zeenat, a mother of two, deserted by her husband and her rise to a position of power.

The actress added: “The jewellery I am wearing keeps on varying to depict each phase of Zeenat’s life till she becomes Amma and I got all the ornaments made after discussing with the creative team to capture the essence perfectly.

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“I have never worn the kind of jewellery you see me wearing on the show because I wear diamonds and precious stones off screen. Now, I have no choice but to buy gold jewellery, but it will add to my collection.”



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