US backing forces creating instability: Venezuelan Ambassador

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New Delhi, July 31 (IANS) Accusing the US of interfering in his country’s internal matters, Venezuelan Ambassador Augusto Montiel on Monday said the “high turnout” in the Sunday elections for a new constituent assembly was a demonstration against attempts to create instability.

Montiel said the US was trying to destabilise the Nicolas Maduro government in order to “gain control of vast oil reserves in the country”.

His remarks came after electoral officials in Venezuela announced that the turnout in the controversial constitutional assembly election, called by President Nicolas Maduro, was 41.5 per cent despite nationwide violent clashes.

“The successful vote is a demonstration against instability created by internal forces, financed and supported by the government of the United States which has openly and illegally become involved in the Venezuelan internal political matters,” Montiel said at the embassy here.

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“They (US) have locked our country economically, financially and have used threats, blackmailing and sanctions in order to create an atmosphere of fear in Venezuela,” he said, adding that despite this, millions of Venezuelans came on to the streets to vote.

In a bid to overcome the political crisis that has paralyzed Venezuela, Maduro had called for a National Constituent Assembly to review and possibly rewrite the Constitution of the South American nation.



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