US immigration crisis could see more Canada-bound migrants

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The situation on US-Mexico border and the anti-migrant policies in the US, coupled with the termination of programs for child migrants has led the Canada Border Services Agency to brace for more border crossings.

The CBSA Intelligence Brief said the U.S. had increased immigration enforcement actions, expedited deportations, limited who could enter the U.S. and apply for asylum, and eliminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the Central American Minors programs.

Together with the anticipated end of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for hundreds of thousands of migrants in the U.S., the result could be increased movement north, said the CBSA report labelled “Irregular Migration” and circulated in January for shift briefings.

U.S. immigration policy has become what Canadian border officials are calling an X-Factor for migration to Canada. Should the administration follow through with some of its promises, Canada could see a spike in asylum seekers.

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The CBSA report predicted that high levels of asylum seekers would continue to cross into Canada from the U.S. But a key issue is what will happen to the more than 400,000 migrants living in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status.

The vast majority are from Haiti, Honduras and El Salvador. Refugee claims by citizens of those countries “increased significantly” in Canada last year, mostly in Quebec and Ontario, the report said.

If Canada sees a few hundred thousand immigrants pouring across the border, it could spark a national crisis. Already the current level of border crossing of asylum seekers is straining the infrastructure of places like Toronto which is where most of the asylum seekers want to go.

If the issue isn’t resolved before the federal elections next year, immigration could be the main issue politicians will be focussing on. – CINEWS

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