US imposes new ballistic missile sanctions on Iran

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Washington, July 29 (IANS) In response to Iran’s “continued provocative actions”, including a rocket launch on Thursday, the US is imposing new ballistic missile sanctions on Iran, US Treasury Department said on Friday.

The sanctions targeted six Iran-based subsidiaries of Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group, a company central to Iran’s ballistic missile programme, Xinhua quoted a Treasury statement as saying.

On Thursday, Iran launched a space vehicle which used technologies “closely related to those of an intercontinental ballistic missile,” representing a “threatening step by Iran,” according to the statement.

“The US government will continue to aggressively counter Iran’s ballistic missile-related activity,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in the statement.

As a result of sanctions, the six companies’ US property would be frozen and US citizens were prohibited from engaging in any transaction with them.

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Foreign financial institutions were also warned of possible punitive measure if engaging with those entities.



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