US-Iran showdown weighs on Twitterati minds

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Tehran, Jan 5 (IANS) Two days after the killing of a top Iranian military general in a US drone strike in Baghdad and call for severe retaliation by Iran, imminent war clouds weighed on Twitterati’s minds, with many praying that better sense prevailed on both sides. #Iranattack trended with 15.8K tweets and #WorldWarThree with 186K tweets.

One user posted a picture of a red flag hoisted on a mosque and wrote: “For the first time in the history of Iran, the red flag has been hoisted over the dome of Jamkaran Mosque, which means IRAN has traditionally announced a war. This matter has gotten very serious now.

“Memes apart, I request you all to pray for PEACE.”

“Looks like Trump might have bitten off more than he can chew, again, some sort of backtracking will follow,” said another user.

Hitting out at Iran, there was muscle-flexing also on Twitter.

“In future history books they will refer to Iran as the glass crater formerly known as Iran,” read one comment.

One user said: “I pray Iran’s leaders are not as stupid as they seem. If they attack the US again, we will rain down on them which will be without precedent in human history. It would be better that they were never born.”

“… there will be no war. Hope the situation de-escalates,” remarked one user.

Another said: “Just pray that WWIII shouldn’t get resumed. Otherwise, there will be devastating threat to human civilization. Wish something placatory will take place between these two nations.#Iranattack.”



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