US lifted n-sanctions only on paper: Iran leader

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Tehran, April 28 (IANS) Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has denounced US’ attempts to “sabotage” the nuclear deal that ended international sanctions against Tehran, and described Washington’s commitment to it as only on paper.

According to sources, Khamenei, the highest political and religious figure in the country, said during a meeting that despite the nuclear agreements, “hostility” against Iran by Israel and the US continues, which means his country’s distrust of Washington remains absolute, EF news reported.

In particular, Khamenei referred to the obstacles that still prevent Iranian banks from operating with the outside world, and particularly the reluctance of European financial institutions to work with Iran for fear of sanctions from the US.

The leader insisted that the US has resorted to deception to obstruct international trade with Iran despite the nuclear agreements.

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On paper, he said, that work with Iran is allowed, but in practice there is “Iranophobia that the Americans have been promoting”, according to state-run Fars news agency.

Since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) came into force in January, there have been complaints from the Iranian side about the limited progress of international banks to operate in the country.



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