US Navy Seal kept picture of Bin Laden’s dead body as ‘memento’

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Sydney, Jan 23 (ANI): US Navy Seal Matthew Bissonnette, who shot down Osama Bin Laden during a raid in Pakistan, kept a picture of the al Qaeda leader’s dead body as a memento.

Ever since Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces during a raid on his hide-out in Pakistan, photos of the September 11 mastermind’s dead body have been kept a closely guarded secret by the US government, reports.

Bissonnette has given a hard drive containing the picture to the authorities as part of a deal to escape being charged.

Bissonnette, a former member of Navy Seal Team Six, was under investigation for unlawfully possessing classified information after penning a book about the terror leader’s death.

He later admitted he had also broken military rules by not allowing the Department of Defense to review the book’s manuscript, triggering several Navy inquiries. (ANI)

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