US police should learn to avoid shootings, proposes new bill

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New York, May 13 (IANS) Police departments across the US could lose public funding if cops do not avoid taking steps possible before using their firearms. New restrictions will have to be introduced for the funding to stay intact under a new Democrat-proposed bill.

The bill will be introduced to the House of Representatives by Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

She, according to RT online, wishes to introduce fines for any police chiefs who would fail to follow through and introduce stricter regulations on appropriate gun use for their officers. This has to do in particular with when to open fire on a suspect.

Gun use in the US is a multifaceted issue. Over the past couple of years it has, among other things, proven to reach across racial lines in a way that ignited nationwide movements against police brutality and wrongful shootings.

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Moore’s proposal was a reaction to these developments, particularly the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton, who in April 2014 was killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The man was a schizophrenic shot by a cop in self-defence. But it later emerged that the officer used an inappropriate pat-down, triggering an unpredictable nervous reaction.

Introducing her bill, “Preventing Tragedies Between Police and Communities Act of 2016”, Moore said in a statement:

“As a mother, grandmother and elected representative, I personally took the untimely death of Dontre Hamilton to heart. Dontre wasn’t just my constituent, but a member of our community, yet sadly, his story is not unique,” she said.

According to a Guardian newspaper counter online, over 1,100 deaths happened in 2015.

The problem with Moore’s proposal was the Republicans, who have strong influence in the house and are pro-gun.

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