US software firm to hone personality skills in India

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Bengaluru, April 25 (IANS) US-based Dharma Systems will soon offer a personality development course to hone management skills of corporate employees in India, a top executive said here on Monday.

“Although an organisation’s employees have technical and soft skills to perform their jobs, they are not sufficient without a third skill-set, trait skills,” said Dharma Life Sciences founder and CEO J. Sasidhar in a statement.

Trait skills, proven through scientific and field research experience, help employees develop into an efficient and productive workforce, he said.

The company aims to help employees achieve their career goals by moving the boundaries set on them by genes, environment and mind, the statement said.

“The company’s programmes are structured to deliver first of its kind trait skills management programme which help employees, and eventually their organisations, increase productivity and efficiency to achieve their goals,” said Sasidhar.

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The right combination of technical and soft skills determined by the job role and the additional boost given by trait skills is crucial, he added.

Floated as a group within Dharma Systems in 2013, Dharma Life Sciences is offering services to over 1,000 people in various organisations.



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