US soldier killed in rescue mission in Iraq: Report

Washington, Oct 22 (IANS) An American soldier was killed on Thursday as US and Kurdish commandos raided an Islamic State (IS) outpost in Iraq in a rescue mission, the US media reported.

The commando became the first American soldier to be killed in action in Iraq since the withdrawal of the US troops in 2011, according to The New York Times.

Iraqi officials told the newspaper that the objective of the mission was a prison run by IS militants at a village east of Iraqi town of Hawija and the raid involved American helicopters, Kurdish and American special operations forces, and airstrikes, Xinhua news agency reported.

Senior militants from the IS were captured and some of their prisoners were said to have been freed, the officials said.

In Washington, two senior US military officials confirmed to The New York Times the broad outlines of the operation but refused to provide details.

The Washington Post, citing individuals familiar with the mission, reported that at least a dozen IS fighters were killed in the raid and at least 70 Kurdish captives were freed.

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