Use art platform to spread social messages, says Modi

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Mumbai, Feb 13 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged artists to use their vocation to spread strong social messages on issues like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and other topics to bring them closer to the masses.

“Art has better appeal… It transcends boundaries of time, region and religions,” Modi said after inaugurating the new building of the Bombay Art Society in Bandra on Saturday.

He said that in art, the letter A stands for ageless, R for race, region and religionless and T for timeless, offering immense potential for communicating to the masses everywhere.

However, he urged that it should not remain restricted only to the walls of the wealthy but should be developed as a social strength for educating and enlightening the masses.

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“In my last ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme, I had spoken how artists are giving their time and efforts to change the ambience of railway stations in the country. Even the railway dividers or poles can become subjects of art and offer local artists an avenue to showcase their talents, besides improving the beauty of the place,” Modi said.

This was not some government-sponsored scheme, but the artists came on their own own to change the face of the railway stations, he said.

Modi urged schools to ensure at least one excursion to an art gallery every year to imbibe the artistic spirit among students at a young age and ignite in them a taste for art.

He called upon the art community and software experts to develop ‘digital hybrid versions’ of creative works of modern era for the future generations to help them comprehend the entire process by which the masterpieces are created.

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“A small 3-4 minute digital version of the entire process which takes the artist 3-6 months to create, how did he hit upon the idea, how it materializes on the medium (paper, canvas, stone and so on), explaining the various components or colours along with musical effects for the viewer’s understanding, without the need for an expert around,” Modi urged.

Emphasising that art and divinity are together, he said Indian temples are the best examples when god and art are together in different forms.

For getting out the best creativity, Modi said art must not be depending on state support or funding, but it should be honoured by the state.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar were present at the event.

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