Usher’s son wants to cure his brother’s diabetes

Los Angeles, Oct 31 (IANS) Rapper Usher says his youngest son Naviyd is keen to become a scientist when he’s older, so that he can discover a cure for his brother Cinco’s diabetes.

“I have two sons. Usher Raymond V, we call him Cinco, has Type 1 diabetes,” Usher told

“My youngest son knows I worry about Cinco and recently told me, ‘Do not worry! One day, I’m going to be a scientist and cure this for my brother’,” he added.

Cinco was diagnosed with the lifelong condition last year and Usher says it has been a tough 12 months understanding the condition and adjusting to it.

“A child that every day has to prick himself (with an insulin needle) and has to be cautious of what he eats and also to carry this disorder around — that really is the type of bravery that we all aspire to have.

“There’s been some difficult moments but having dealt with it on a daily basis, I have a great deal of understanding of what people have to deal with,” he said.

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