Uttarakhand: Villages under flood threat after embankments collapse

Haridwar, July 9 (ANI): Villages near Haridwar are facing the threat of floods after the embankments built to contain the flow of river Ganga gives way.

These embankments were constructed two years back by the irrigation department following the frequent flooding incidents in the area.

“The villages in the banks of river Ganga face the risk of floods, the overflowing river floods the villages. We have informed the villagers to remain alert.The water level in river is rising and it is close to danger level.Due to the overflowing water, a truck was stuck and four people were rescued, some houses were also flooded with water,” said Harish Chandra Semwal, DM Haridwar.

The locals have alleged that the sub-standard material was used in construction of the embankments because of which it collapsed.

The embankments lie between Kangri and Shayampur villages in Uttarakhand. (ANI)

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