Vadehra Art Gallery to display solo show by Arpita Singh

New Delhi, Oct 21 (IANS) In a treat for the art-lovers in the national capital, Vadehra Art Gallery has announced a solo show of sketches, drawings and watercolours by Arpita Singh starting Oct 28.

Among India’s most outstanding artists, Singh is known for her enigmatic works, which offer a complex and highly engaging view of the world through the prism of her city, Delhi.

For the first time, 45 sketch books and about 60 drawings and watercolours will be on view.

These small format works which date from 1990 to 2015 aim to provide a rare opportunity to see both the preparatory and finished works by Arpita Singh.

Her use of the line – broken, fragmented or staccato, which may resemble a map, offers a completely different way of viewing her works, from her highly finished paintings.

The cornucopia of sketch books on view in the present exhibition suggest the idea of codes, maps, and the panchang (Hindu calendar), or how time seeks to make sense of space.

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