Valentine’s Day fraud alert sounded in Surrey

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Vancouver, February 12 (CINEWS): This one’s for all the lonely people out there who may turn gullible this time of the year. Cashing in on this gullibility are scam artistes who police warn are out there waiting to separate fools from their money.
The latest fraud in Surrey goes by the name of “Fake Flowers” fraud. An express delivery company shows up at the victim’s door with a beautiful gift basket of flowers, chocolates, and wine. The “delivery person” notes that a card is being sent separately and explains to the overwhelmed victim that, because the basket includes alcohol, a small surcharge is required to prove that the basket wasn’t delivered to a minor or left on the doorstep. The victim then hands over their credit card (cash is not permitted) to the “delivery man” who then swipes the victim’s personal info using his modified card reader.
Another scam that residents should be aware of this Valentine’s Day is “catphishing”. Catphishing involves fraudsters who troll online dating websites and build fake online romantic relationships with people in order to obtain personal information and / or money from their victims. Apps that advocate romantic meet-ups are risky ventures from a financial perspective, but could also endanger your personal safety and put you at further risk of victimization.And yes such scams could well happen right here in Toronto if it hasn’t already.

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