Van Heusen ropes Infinite Analytics for its style studio

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Mumbai, Jan 12 (ANI): Infinite Analytics, a company of MIT, enhances shopper experience by powering personalization at the first all-digital Van Heusen style studio located in Bengaluru.

Van Heusen, the power brand from Madura Fashion and Lifestyle portfolio, has been redefining the Indian fashion landscape ever since it entered India in 1990. And recently, the brand did that once again by unveiling its first flagship experience store called Van Heusen style studio that redefines the rules of apparel retailing in the country.

The ultra-modern store, which is located in Indiranagar, offers an immersive shopping experience enabled by cutting-edge technology, for its discerning consumers.

This is the first attempt of the decades old retailer, using the virtual space for selling. The brand morphs into a more tech-savvy brand, at a time when shoppers are switching to shopping on the Internet.

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Van Heusen Style Studio is focusing on elevating the shopping experiences for their consumers and at the same time simplifying the shopping process through the use of various digital experiences.

To offer personalized interactions, they partnered with Infinite Analytics, a predictive analytics and personalization company. Shoppers are provided with personalized style recommendations, consultants, in-house stylists and style recommendation apps, all under one roof.

Vinay Bhopatkar, COO of Van Heusen and People, said: ‘By bringing in cutting-edge technologies combined with personalized interactions in this store, we have transformed apparel shopping in a brick and mortar store into a whole new personalized shopping experience. Infinite Analytics was our first choice based on our experience with them with our sister company, and on their robust predictive analytics technology.

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According to Akash Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO, Infinite Analytics, “Infinite Analytics is the only company to have successfully bridged the online and offline worlds when it comes to personalization using analytics. Van Heusen is at the forefront of cutting edge digital technologies revolutionizing the store, and we are glad to be a part of their journey into the future.” (ANI)

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