Vancouver girl making her debut in Marathi film

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 Paula McGlynn from Vancouver, Canada, is planning to make it big in films in India. She will be making her debut in Marathi films with Pune-based fashion photographer turned filmmaker Prashant Patil’s ‘Pindadaan’. 

Paula arrived in India about three years ago, smitten with the fantasy world of Indian films. She told media in Pune that a rold in ‘Pindadaan’ came to her through a friend’s friend, who was casting for the film. “He thought I would fit the role perfectly. This is how I selected my first film as a lead.”

She said the language was never a problem for. “It has always been about the right character, project and working with the right people. I am immersed in Marathi culture owing to a strong friend’s circle and business partners who are Maharashtrians. So, my debut in a Marathi film is obvious,” she said.

 Paula  says the project calls for her to portray a strong character named Ana with a lot of depth. She says she also found the “message and soul of the film as intriguing and I wanted to explore that particular aspect of it.”

She is all praise for filmmaker Prashant  “who is extremely helpful. She says she also understand the nuances of filmmaking and the technical sides of lighting and special effects that go into the making of a modern movie.

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The story revolves around a character called Ana from England who visits Maharashtra. She falls in love and immerses herself in Marathi culture.

Paula has learned to read and write Devanagari script and  so is finding it easy to learn Marathi. “My friend Rinki helped me; she literally coached me. . I insisted on learning the language so that I could get the emotions right. It took me only a month to get my dialogues in place.”

Paula is also a video blogger. She wrote in March: “I came back to India after renewing my visa and for five months I tried vlogging. At first it was pretty easy; I realized that the only thing of value that I could share was my experience of working and living in India as a white, middle-upper class, straight female. I would shoot all week and sit down for two hours on a Sunday putting it all together in chronological order. I would take shots of interesting images, people, events, and occasionally turn the camera around and give some kind of explanation for the people watching ‘back home’.: – CINEWS

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