Varun Sharma’s food journey

Varun Sharma had to bear the brunt of being a vegetarian while shooting for the Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon-starrer ‘Raabta’. TThe actor had a tough time finding vegetarian food in Budapest where the film’s first schedule was being shot. Varun-Sharma-Indian-Actor-Wallpaper

At long last, he needed to manage with lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Despite the fact that he figured out how to satisfy his appetite, his taste buds went for a hurl.

Once he returned to Mumbai, he was in for a shock as he couldn’t eat anything spicy. The actor says, “I was craving for some homemade food but whatever my cook made, I found it too spicy. She attempted making the blandest of food but I still couldn’t eat it. Luckily, things are much better now.” – CINEWS

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