Vaughan residents can have say in city budget

Vaughan, October 30 (CINEWS): You live in the city, dutifully vote in all elections, pay your taxes and then sit back and trust elected officials and the bureaucracy to put those taxes to work. But do you really know what happens to all your taxes? Where do all your taxes go? Many are clueless and now the city of Vaughan is urging residents to come on out and have a say in how your tax dollars get spent. For example, did you know for every dollar Vaughanvaughan-ontario collects in property taxes, only 27 cents stay with the City to pay for more than 200 programs and services? Forty-nine cents go to York Region for regional services, such as health, social services, police and emergency medical services, and 23 cents go to the province of Ontario for education.
There are many ways for you to get involved and learn about the budget:
Attend public meetings in Council Chamber at Vaughan City Hall or watch the meetings live online at Perhaps you have some ideas on budget allocation, those ideas could then be discussed and who knows that sort of input could make an impact in ways you may not even imagine, so residents of all cities are urged to find out more about budget meetings and how taxes are spent.

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