Vegan Anant Mahdevan touches egg’s for Holding Back

Mumbai, December 30 (CINEWS): Veteran film performing artist and executive Anant Mahadevan who is a staunch veggie lover and had never touched egg in his life consented to peel one for a scene in chief Wilson Louis( Kaalo) and Sheila Sandhu created grant winning short film (Best of Show, Best Shorts Competition, California likewise chose for London Film celebration).ananth-mahadevan_350_070912111701

Keeping Down follows the voyage of mother (Seema Biswas) amid her in critical condition tumor child’s Kunal Kumar (Ballu Guttur Gu) last prepare venture. The above scene likewise indicates how much the father tends to his child, that he surrenders his long held convictions for his welfare. Executive Wilson Louis (Horror film ‘Kaalo’) was shocked seeing Anant Mahadevan battle with egg’s amid shooting. So he asked him what the matter was. Anant answered that he has never touched an egg in his life . Be that as it may, as the story was so touching and being an intensive expert he consented to do it . Wilson then taught him how to peel the egg and after that he did it without precedent forever and for the scene.

Anant Mahadevan says,”To break an egg while never having done it before suited my character impeccably. That of a vegan who had never touched eggs yet is willing to curve his convictions for his child. I kept my impediment from Wilson and he thought I had given a decent execution. I was simply acting naturally.”

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