Vicky Pattison slams online trolls

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London, Dec 30 (IANS) Reality TV star Vicky Pattison slammed trolls for criticising her “powerful” cleavage-flashing photo as she uploads make-up free selfie to show the “depth and honesty” on her Instagram page

The 31-year-old reality TV star took to Instagram on Friday to post a photo of her ample assets in a bathrobe, before later re-posting it alongside a bare-faced snap in front of a bowl of pasta, reports

In the lengthy caption, Pattison lamented trolls for trying to bring her down by criticising the revealing post, adding that she was a ‘human being with different sides’ who should be able to share snaps of her ‘powerful’ cleavage

Originally Pattison took to Instagram to post a snap which had her cleavage on display, gushing in the caption about how she loved her hotel’s cosy bathrobes.

It read: “Another night at @parkplaza county hall tomorrow night… I’ve missed these robes!!

“I don’t know what 2019 holds for me, if it’s more time in London I really need to look into more permanent accommodation- I know that (I cannot keep surviving on mini bar jelly beans)

“But in the meantime I do love staying here so THANKYOU for always having me guys!! And if I do go can I take one of these amazing, fluffy robes with me?!”

However a few hours later Pattison proceeded to re-post the snap alongside one of her relaxing in bed, going makeup free as she tucked into a plate of pasta, reports

In the long caption she wrote: “Okkkkk… so it’s frustrating to me that I have to post this, especially in the festive period when there’s meant to be so much joy being spread etc but apparently it hasn’t stretched to Instagram so here goes…

“In my last post I posed in a robe with some POWERFUL cleavage on display and this for some reason attracted a significant about of criticism from women predominantly.

“So I thought I’d pop this other pic up- now this is not to appease these moaning myrtles- far from it.. in fact, I’m putting you on blast!

“As a woman, I’m proud of my body, but also of my mind, my personality, my work ethic, my friends, my family, my realness and my strength and sense of humour which has got me through some dark times recently- which is my I like to think my Instagram account shows a fair and even representation of all these things!

“Yes, there may be a glam pouty selfie, similarly in the next post I may be laughing with friends, the next could be me in a bikini and finally I might be inhaling a bowl of pasta, makeup free and giving zero f****.

“I show myself eating, drinking, exercising, laughing, loving and yes I even show my pain. Because I’m a human being with many different sides and I’m allowed to express myself however I want. My page shows depth and range and honesty- and heaven forbid some cleavage at times!”

She added: “Don’t tell me what to put on my Instagram, don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do: it’s 2019, let’s be a bit more accepting of each other and how we express our truths.

“And most of all, let’s not tear down other women. It’s about time we started respecting our fellow female- because this ‘tearing another girl down to make yourself feel better’ or ‘having no girlcode’ thing ain’t cute.

“And personally I would never want to be the reason another woman doubted herself.

“Rant over. I’m going back to my pasta. I hope you all have a good night. (Yes even those who criticised me, I’m showing you love as I reckon you probably need it the most.)

“PS this is the first time I’ve cooked in months- cooking for one scared me. But I did it. So f****** hell yeah basically.”



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