`Victorious` Chris Brown gets joint custody of baby Royalty

Washington D.C., Sept. 12(ANI): Chris Brown has been awarded with a victorious end in his child custody war with his baby mama as he has been granted joint custody of his daughter Royalty.

The 26-year-old singer and Nia Guzman faced off in a Houston court, where Guzman wanted the judge to deprive Brown of any custody rights, but the judge disagreed and gave them 50-50 physical custody rights, reports TMZ.com.

Further, the judge ordered the ‘Loyal’ hit-maker to pay Guzman 2,500 dollars per months in child support, rejecting Guzman’s request of 15,000 dollars per month.

The judge has also ordered Guzman to not to talk crap about the singer and not to reveal anything about the case on social media. (ANI)

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