Vijay Goel fined for violating odd-even traffic scheme

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New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) Former Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel was fined by Delhi Traffic Police on Monday for violating odd-even traffic restritions, government official said.

Goel was fined soon after he left his residence on Ashoka Road, said the official.

Earlier in the day, Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai met the Rajya Sabha member and requested him not to oppose the odd-even scheme.

Goel earlier threatened to oppose the scheme as a mark of protest over what he called “ill expenditure” on the advertisements by the Delhi government.

The 15-day odd-even traffic restrictions started on April 15 and aim to put odd- and even-numbered vehicles on the roads on alternate dates in a bid to reduce ar pollution in the city.

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This is the second time Delhi is experimenting with the scheme in an effort to combat air polution.

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