Vijay’s brutal role in Pink ‘will give nightmares to women’

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Vijay Varma…It is the first negative character he is playing.  

Actor Vijay Varma, who plays Ankit Malhotra in Pink, knew it was a negative character and a first one for him.

He plays the most evil character – the one who instigates Rajveer Singh (Angad Bedi) and eventually molests Meenal (Taapsee Pannu).

Vijay said it was the toughest scene he has ever done, “I had never essayed any role with even negative shades in the character and here was a role where I had to play a very bad man. The moment I read the molestation scene in the script, I knew I should sign the film as it is challenging as an actor.”

“I was one of the first actors they signed. So there was no star value attached to it , I signed Pink for its strong message and for the challenge that I saw in it for the actor in me,” Vijay added.

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“I have grown up in Hyderabad, in a very simple neighbourhood. I never really met people with such mind set. It took me long to internalise that kind of abusive behaviour,” the actor said.

Vijay Varma started his acting career as a theatre artiste in his home town Hyderabad. He worked on numerous plays before deciding to move to Pune for two years to get a formal education in acting at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).

His  chilling portrayal of misogyny and male brutality is bound to give women nightmares while other women may find the actor’s obnoxious attitude attractive. “ Yeah, women like bad boys. But this one that I play is really messed-up bad. So far the reaction I’ve got has mostly been, ‘You’re so good at being this bad. Don’t come near me. But you’re good!’”

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“I got some very strong reactions from women after the screening. I don’t know if any woman would want to date me or not after this role. Jokes aside, I think in these modern times people really can segregate actor from a character,” said Varma.

Varma is not afraid of being typecast.  “I have a variety of work coming up next. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s ‘Yaara’, where I play a flamboyant womaniser. And ‘Raag Desh’, where I play a noble and ethical journalist in the 1940s,” he said. – CINEWS

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