Vijender Singh promise explosive contest with Sonny Whiting on pro debut

Manchester, Oct.7 (ANI): 2008 Olympic bronze medallist Vijender Singh met face-to-face with his opponent Sonny Whiting on Wednesday and both are promising an explosive fight this Saturday at the Manchester Arena.

Singh, the 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist, makes his long-awaited glittering professional debut against the experienced Whiting over four rounds in the middleweight division, as he begins his quest to become India’s first every professional boxing world champion.

“I’m ready for Saturday and whatever Whiting brings to the ring. I’ve trained hard for my professional debut and nothing or no one is going to get in the way of what I have to do, especially Whiting. I’ve been preparing hard with my trainer Lee Beard in Manchester and we have done everything we can in preparation for this so now it is down to me to deliver the goods on the night in the ring,” said Vijender at the final head-to-head press conference today.

“I’ve seen Whiting face-to-face now and we will see on the night what he can do in the ring. Physically he looks strong, but looks are deceiving, there are plenty of question on him as well: Can he take my power? Will he be able to cope with my speed and footwork? With only a few days to go he is the only thing on my mind right now. Beating him, winning, and getting my first professional win on my record,” he added.

“There’s so much hype around this fight anyone would think that it’s the main event! I’m going to put this kid through absolute hell in the ring on the night. Since it was announced that I would be the opponent for Singh I’ve been cast off as someone who’s in there to get a pasting from him,” Sonny Whiting said.

“What he’s done as an amateur doesn’t count, he’s now with the big boys in the pros. He might of been a superstar in the amateurs around the world, but now he’s going to feel the pain in the pros. Once I start roughing him up and landing the heavy punches, what’s he going to do? Look for the referee to help him out? If he’s goes past the second round I’ll be surprised. I’m looking to do some damage and take him out early. He won’t be able to stand my body shots and I’ll break him in half with them. This is going to be a Whiting victory.” (ANI)

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