Violence in Hong Kong not in interests of local residents

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Khartoum, Aug 15 (IANS) Sudanese political analysts believe acts of violence and chaos by saboteurs in Hong Kong do not serve the interests of the residents in the special administrative region of China but to undermine the local stability.

“It is apparent that the developments in Hong Kong have gone beyond their nature of peaceful demanding protests to become organised acts of violence and chaos,” Abdel-Rahim Al-Sunni, a political analyst, told Xinhua on Thursday.

He accused unnamed countries and groups of making use of peaceful protest, adding the political groups in Hong Kong should be vigilant against an escalation of the situation.

In the eyes of Hasan Al-Saouri, a professor of political science at the Al Nelain University, the situation in Hong Kong may have an impact on China.

“Hong Kong’s affairs are part of the purely internal affairs of China, what happens in the administrative region will have consequences for China,” said Al-Saouri.

Abdul-Khaliq Mahjoub, a political expert, warned against ill-grounded foreign intervention.

“Some countries did not hide support for the negative developments in Hong Kong, while others are publicly seeking to ignite tension in the region with the belief that the move would weaken China,” he said.

He noted that the entire world must be aware that the tension in the region would not benefit any party, stressing the importance to end the violence and restore stability to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong authorities have so far made arrests over assaulting police, taking part in riot, possessing offensive weapons, and unlawful assembly among other charges, during clashes between violent protesters and police.



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