Vision Cooksville master plan is cause for optimism

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Mississauga, March 11 (CINEWS): The proposed LRT running along Hurontario is expected to have a transformational effect all along the route, most notably in the tired looking buildings in the Cooksville area which is ripe for a massive and much needed facelift.
But before than can happen, construction of the LRT which is expected to begin soon could negatively impact upto 600 businesses in the area. The reason is that there will be plenty of congestion, noise and chaos at certain times in the day which would frustrate drivers and potential shoppers who would not want to deal with the traffic congestion and delays getting to these businesses.
Such major constructions which go on for months have impacted businesses in all major cities around the world.
Recently residents and business owners in the area had the opportunity to look at the future master plan for Cooksville which looks to making it very pedestrian-friendly. Space has been set aside for shopping, businesses and recreational facilities not to mention housing.
Integral to this plan is a new community centre, vast parkland, new residential developments, transit infrastructure and pedestrian-friendly building designs.
Care is being taken to ensure Cooksville draft master plan also includes several options for housing including preservation of rental buildings, a mix of built forms (mid-rise and high-rise) as well as opportunities for home ownership for people of all income levels.
Vision Cooksville will be the development of an action plan, which goes to council for approval in June. There is little question that the Cooksville area has had a neglected look filled and slightly shabby. Many of the buildings need some TLC or perhaps even be torn down. The Dundas-Hurontario intersection is a busy one and any plan that could ensure a degree of decongestion would go a long way.

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